Tents and sewing machines for Sicilian association AFRICA UNITA

For several years, we have been accompanying Lucien and his association Africa Unita, and we have been enthusiastic about what they are doing from the very beginning. We first came across the association when it was still a small refugee-run mutual support project. At that time they had established a common fund into which every refugee paid a small monthly amount and from which everyone could take something if necessary. Lawyers’ fees, medical bills or costs for passport photos can quickly exceed what is available on short notice to displaced persons.

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EU Hotspots: A fast way to end up on the streets

Hotspots: Pozzallo's reception centre

Harbour of Pozzallo. Decisions about refugees being allowed to file an asylum application are made at the reception centre on the right.

The reception centre at the harbour of Pozzallo has been converted to a Hotspot some weeks ago. Pozzallo is one of the first places where this totally new concept is implemented. But how exactly do Hotspots work and how will the new procedures affect refugees? How are EU asylum measures put into practice exactly?

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Illegalised day labourers: And we are part of the business

Die Unterkünfte der Wanderarbeiter

Shelters of the day labourers

Had some tomatoes and mozzarella for breakfast, salad for lunch and Pasta al’Arrabiata with friends in the evening? That is not bumptious or tastes like blood diamonds. But only few know where the red, round tomatoes come from, and under which conditions they were grown.

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