The first Christmas donations have already arrived

During this year’s Christmas season, we collected donations for tents, sleeping bags, food assistance and other necessities. The tents have already made it to Sicily: we sent 30 multi-person tents to Catania through a Dutch trader. Because the Sicilian winter is cold and humid, we need additional funds to send a batch of sleeping bags to Sicily. If you would like to help us with this, please feel free to donate.

The volunteers of Associazione Africa Unita responsibly distribute relief supplies to people who have lost their jobs – exacerbated by the Corona pandemic – and now have no place to live.

As also more and more families with refugee background in Sicily find themselves in financial difficulties, food assistance is urgently needed. These are also still on our wish list. We plan on distributing 25 Euro per family. You can also contribute here. You can find our account details on our homepage or you can simply donate via Paypal.

We thank you for a difficult, but nevertheless very solidary year 2020. Stay healthy and at home and help us to help where it is necessary!

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