Campaign to support refugee field workers

In recent weeks, we have already reported on the eviction of a field workers’ camp in Cassibile and the plight of the workers. All their belongings were destroyed and they were left on the street without shelter after the local authorities decided to no longer tolerate the tent camp.

Seeking shelter in a church

80 of them have now found shelter with Padre Carlo in the church. For years he has been committed to helping refugees, and constantly houses about 30 people in his private rooms in the parish, whom he supports from his income and with the help of donations. However, with another 50 people sleeping in the church, he is reaching the limits of what he can do by himself.

Now that 80 people are showering, cooking, and washing clothes, Padre Carlo and his subordinates worry about the upcoming water bills. Every day they cook about 40kg of rice so that the workers have a warm meal at least once a day. The kitchen is not designed for so many people, it lacks dishes for all people. The old washing machine runs around the clock and groans under every new load. Canisters for the trip to the drinking water source are needed and also hygiene items like shower gel have to be bought.

Since the field workers work in the fields around Cassibile and the police will not tolerate them setting up a new tent camp, they have no other place to go. An officially supported camp that has been set up only accepts people with papers and a work contract. Many of the workers have neither. They will stay with Padre Carlo for the rest of the harvest season – about the next four months.

We need your help

That’s why we started a campaign through Betterplace to cover the most basic needs for four months. Here you can find all the information and the exact items we are collecting for: .

Help us to give field workers the opportunity to get out of their emergency situation!


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